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Empire State Building in New York is illuminated by the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Trophy Tour in 2024.

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Legends of cricket Chris Gayle and Ali Khan lit up the famous Empire State Building in New York to celebrate the start of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Trophy Tour 2024. This spectacular occasion not only marked the start of the ‘Out of this World’ T20 World Cup countdown, but it also marked the start of a trip that will take place over 15 nations on four continents.

Commencing on June 1, 2024, the ninth Men’s T20 World Cup is expected to be an unparalleled spectacle, taking place throughout the United States and the West Indies. While the USA is excited to host the tournament, the West Indies, serving as co-hosts, will include matches in historic locations including Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Witnessed at the Empire State Building, the tournament’s official colors of pink and navy, the tower was a sight to behold for the official Trophy Tour introduction. Chris Gayle lit up the building ceremoniously, raising anticipation for the cricket extravaganza to new heights.

Since it is the first ICC tournament of its sort in the Americas, this T20 World Cup edition is significant for cricket fans there. This tournament, which will take place at three locations—the brand-new Nassau County International Stadium in New York, the renovated Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium in Dallas, and the Broward County Stadium in Lauderhill—promises to enthrall spectators with action-packed games and memorable moments.

The tournament’s hub, New York, will host eight games, while Grand Prairie and Lauderhill will each host four, giving spectators all throughout the United States plenty of chances to see some of the greatest cricketers in the world up close.

However, the fun doesn’t end there. The Trophy Tour is scheduled to go to fifteen nations, promoting the prize and encouraging cricket enthusiasts from all around the world to take part in this extraordinary sporting event. The trip offers a comprehensive experience for both seasoned devotees and those new to the sport, featuring everything from renowned sights to legendary players.

The ICC’s general manager of marketing and communications, Claire Furlong, expressed her excitement for the momentous occasion and emphasized the tour’s significance in stoking enthusiasm among fans all around the world. Cricket enthusiasts can track the voyage through the T20 World Cup website and the ICC social media platforms, with the Trophy Tour acting as a beacon of expectation, keeping them linked to the thrill at every turn.

The ICC has offered extra tickets for 51 of the 55 matches in response to the tremendous demand, giving fans many of chances to reserve their place at this historic occasion. Fans now have the chance to be a part of cricket history with tickets available for matches in all nine host venues.

Destinations including Houston, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Jamaica, Barbados, and Antigua and Barbuda are all anticipating the Trophy Tour’s arrival as it sets off for its first month. The trip aims to bring cricket enthusiasts together in a celebration of the game’s universal appeal, from the busy streets of New York to the scenic coasts of the Caribbean.

One thing is clear as excitement for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 grows: the cricketing world is in for an incredible trip that is “Out of this World.”

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