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Easter Warning Issued by Met Office for Bristol Due to South West Gale and Prognosis of Heavy Rain

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In the run-up to Easter weekend, gale-force winds and significant rainfall are predicted to affect Bristol and the surrounding South West region, prompting the Met Office to issue a warning.

A stormy week is anticipated, with the South West likely to experience the worst of the bad weather. The nation is expected to have its highest rains tomorrow, March 27, along with severe gusts and a chance of gales.

The erratic weather is expected to continue into the weekend, with gusty showers predicted for Good Friday, March 29. Easter Sunday, however, should provide a little break from the rain before the erratic weather returns at the start of April.

“It’s another very unsettled week for much of the UK, with heavy, blustery showers, longer spells of rain and also some strong winds,” emphasized Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Helen Caughey.

Caughey also emphasized the importance of keeping a careful eye on rainfall totals, especially in areas like Northern Ireland that are still suffering from the consequences of an exceptionally rainy winter. Furthermore, coastal communities are cautioned to prepare for possible gales, particularly during high tide.

Regarding the upcoming Easter holiday, Caughey expressed his expectation that “showers will continue into the weekend, especially for southern and western areas.” There is hope for a slight improvement, though, as showers are predicted to become less frequent and sunshine to appear in the northern and eastern regions.

Although there has been a temporary respite, there is still uncertainty in the forecast, and it’s possible that bad weather will return by Easter Monday.

As the South West
gets ready for a period of stormy weather, residents are reminded to keep informed about weather forecasts and take appropriate precautions.

Keep an eye on your local news outlets and the Met Office bulletins for the most recent information and alerts.

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