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Due to safety concerns, the FAA is considering restrictions on United Airlines.

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In response to a number of safety mishaps, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is considering steps to limit United Airlines’ development ambitions, as Bloomberg News reported over the weekend.

The FAA has reportedly discussed possible interim steps to resolve safety issues with United’s leadership. These conversations are based on information from people who are acquainted with the situation. These actions can include limiting the carrier’s capacity to launch new routes and operating paying passengers on freshly purchased aircraft.

The FAA underlined in a statement released on Saturday that it is dedicated to keeping an eye on every facet of airline operations in order to guarantee safety. When contacted by Reuters, United Airlines declined to comment on the alleged conversations.

The action was taken in response to increased oversight of United Airlines by US safety authorities as a result of many safety incidents. The Chicago-based airline announced that authorities will be more vigilant after acknowledging the heightened scrutiny.

One of the occurrences attracting regulatory notice was on March 15, when an FAA probe was launched after an exterior panel of a United Airlines aircraft was found to be missing upon landing in Oregon. Before this, a United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX went off onto Houston’s turf. Furthermore, immediately after departure from San Francisco, a tire blowout on a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 headed for Japan required a detour to Los Angeles, where it successfully landed.

In response to the worries, United’s corporate safety vice president, Sasha Johnson, sent a message to staff members stating that the FAA will be conducting in-depth inspections of the airline’s facilities, operating procedures, and manuals in the upcoming weeks.

The authorities’ prioritization of risk mitigation and passenger safety measures highlights the importance of safety standards in the aviation sector, as evidenced by the prospective regulatory actions. The increased attention serves as a reminder of the significance of strict safety standards throughout the airline industry, even if United Airlines has not yet made any official statements on the alleged conversations with the FAA.

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