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Due to allegations against Hunter Biden, a former Secret Service agent files a lawsuit against the New York Post and Daily Mail.

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Robert Savage, a former Secret Service agent, has filed lawsuits against the New York Post and the Daily Mail, two well-known news organisations, in an unexpected turn of events. Savage accuses both sites of spreading tales about him that were based on fabricated text messages, accusing him of defamation and connecting him to President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Tuesday marks the commencement of the legal action by Savage, a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Secret Service, against the New York Post, Daily Mail, individual reporters, and the Daily Mail’s owner and publisher. The main issue, as stated by Savage’s attorneys, is made-up text messages that seem to have come from a laptop that Hunter Biden may have had.

Representing Savage, Mark Goidell was unreserved in his criticism of the publications for their careless treatment of the truth. He claimed that the New York Post and the Daily Mail published articles and tweets implying Savage’s relationship with Hunter Biden when he was the Special Agent in Charge of the Secret Service’s Los Angeles Field Office from 2015 to 2017, even though there was a lot of evidence pointing to the texts’ falsity.

Goidell made it clear that Savage had no relationship with Hunter Biden at all, saying plainly that Savage “has not and has never met Hunter Biden.” According to the lawyer, Savage was “flabbergasted by the false reporting” and the cases were brought because Savage’s family and business were in danger as well as his reputation.

Furthermore, Goidell was unreserved in his accusations that the news outlets were deliberately spreading lies in order to create a sensational and profitable story. He blamed the Daily Mail and the New York Post, saying that although they were well aware of the fabrications, they put profit ahead of journalistic ethics.

Representatives for the Daily Mail and the New York Post declined to comment at the time of publishing, despite repeated attempts to request remarks.

When James Comer, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, seemed to allude to the disputed text conversations in a 2023 interview with Fox News, the story took a political turn. Comer implied that the Secret Service had assisted in rescuing Hunter Biden from dangerous circumstances. He specifically brought up a Californian episode in which Biden was reportedly causing trouble and was kicked out of a posh hotel.

A Comer representative, however, declined to comment on the situation.

Earlier this year, in an important under oath deposition to the House Oversight Committee, Hunter Biden angrily denied knowing Robert Savage or having communications with him, as suggested by the fake text messages.

“There is a fabricated conversation between me and a supposed Secret Service agent in a hotel room in Los Angeles,” declared Hunter Biden categorically. He made it clear that Savage had never interacted with him or met him.

Robert Savage and the two news organisations are engaged in a judicial battle that is expected to be very contentious and reveal complex relationships between media organisations, political interests, and the pursuit of truth and accountability. The public conversation is likely to shift its focus to concerns about journalistic ethics and media organisations’ need to verify material and sources as the cases move forward.

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