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Drivers in the UK Could Face £100 Fines for “Frightening” Motorway Trends

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Millions of motorists admit to risky driving practises, putting them at risk of £100 fines for motorway infractions around the UK. Startling data from National Highways shows that one in four drivers have admitted to tailgating on some of the fastest routes in the country, while one in three drivers have acknowledged to middle lane hogging.

A third of drivers, or 32% of those surveyed, admitted to occasionally lane-hogging on major A highways and motorways in England, out of 2,500 persons aged 16 to 75. In addition, seven out of ten adults said that tailgating, or close following, was a major issue on certain routes.

Sheena Hague, Director of Road Safety for National Highways, emphasized the seriousness of the matter by saying, “Difficult driving conditions can be caused by bad driving habits. Individuals who tailgate or hog lanes can annoy other drivers and create a sense of unease.” Both can result in mishaps and are hazardous.”

Roads Minister Guy Opperman stated, “The campaign aims to tackle middle lane hogging and tailgating, which are not only irritating but dangerous too,” underscoring the significance of stopping these actions.

Spokesman for RAC road safety Rod Dennis reiterated these worries and cautioned that these acts put everyone on the roads at serious risk. Dennis stressed that, particularly on busy, high-speed roads, closely tailgating another vehicle can result in catastrophic incidents.

It is concerning to learn that almost one in four drivers on England’s highways admit to engaging in such activity. This underscores the urgent need for enforcement actions and public awareness initiatives to guarantee safer driving habits throughout the nation.

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