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Draymond Green’s Controversial Interaction with Patty Mills Sparks Debate

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During Tuesday night’s game against the Miami Heat, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors made yet another contentious gesture on the court that put him in the public eye for all the wrong reasons. The incident in issue happened less than two minutes into the game, casting a shadow on the Warriors’ eventual 113-92 triumph.

Green was lined up in the paint with Patty Mills when the Heat were attacking the Warriors’ territory. Unexpectedly, Green took a violent action, grabbed Mills by the neck and yanking him back when he tried to block a shot from Bam Adebayo.

Officials moved quickly to examine the incident and determine if Green’s foul was caused by Adebayo’s attempt at a shot. But they only considered the shot’s timing when reaching their decision, classifying Green’s actions as a common foul rather than a flagrant one.

Known for his aggressive play style, Green tried to defend his conduct to the referees by saying that Mills had grabbed his arm and that he was only trying to escape his opponent’s hold. Still, his defense was insufficient to change the authorities’ mind.

This most recent episode compounds to Green’s already troubled past on the court, where any semblance of hostility or dubious behavior prompts closer examination. Green has been suspended twice already this season, which has kept him out of a big chunk of the Warriors’ schedule. He was forced to miss five games in November following a fight with Minnesota Timberwolves player Rudy Gobert in which he choked Gobert. Green was then given an indefinite suspension in December after hitting Jusuf Nurkić during a Phoenix Suns game.

Despite the drama he was involved in, Green was still able to help the Warriors win. He finished the game with four points, nine rebounds, eight assists, and two steals, but he also picked up five fouls.

Green is undoubtedly one of the best players on the floor, but his tendency to draw attention to himself negatively keeps his play in the background. It will be interesting to watch if Green will control his aggressive inclinations or keep stirring up controversy with every game he plays as the season goes on.

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