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Demolition of the Unauthorized Spa Building at Captain Tom’s Daughter’s House Begins

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Authorities are currently carrying out demolition work at Hannah Ingram-Moore’s home, the daughter of Captain Sir Tom Moore, near Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, in order to demolish an unauthorized spa facility.

The demolition process began in February 2022 after Central Bedfordshire Council rejected the couple’s amended plans for the structure, even though Hannah Ingram-Moore and her husband Colin had unsuccessfully appealed in October.

With the use of a crane, the spa’s removal, which had been controversial due to its unapproved construction, began on Friday.

As she expressed her happiness over the development, neighbor Jilly Bozdogan said, “I don’t think it should have been put up in the first place.” They might have stopped by to say hello as they were our neighbors. It’s just common courtesy, in my opinion.”

Originally granted planning permission to house mementos and honor the veteran’s legacy—who amassed an astounding £38 million for the NHS during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown—the building bears the name of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Authorities, however, rejected revised plans for the partially built structure that included a private kitchen, restrooms, and a spa pool.

The family’s representatives contended at the October planning hearing that the structure would enable the public to recognize Captain Sir Tom’s charity contributions and that the spa pool would offer “rehabilitation sessions.”

However, Diane Fleming, the planning inspector, determined that the building’s “scale and massing” were detrimental to The Old Rectory, which led to the demolition order.

February 7 is the day by which the complex’s destruction must be finished.

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