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Dana White Demands More Marketable Opponents and Criticises Jake Paul’s Matchup Selections

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In the boxing world, bouts can lead to heated discussions and intense fan excitement. The news of Jake Paul’s impending fight with none other than the great Mike Tyson has recently sparked controversy once more. Not everyone in the audience is applauding, though. The president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Dana White, has expressed his doubts about this unusual combination.

The fight between YouTube sensation-turned-pugilist Paul and the legendary Tyson is scheduled for July 20 at the storied AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and has already generated a lot of anticipation. But in the middle of all the hype, White has become a dissident voice, doubting the logic of this matchup.

White was blunt in his criticism of the “Pound 4 Pound” podcast, stating his worries. A reference to his close friendship with Tyson, “I love Mike, and I hate talking about this because he always gets mad at me when I talk about this stuff,” was made by White. “I’m not happy to see him acting in this way. He will be 58 years old when the battle takes place. The age gap between the two will be 31 years.”

The fighters’ ages are in fact very different; Tyson is getting close to his sixties, while Paul is still very much in his prime. Paul’s preference for taking on older opponents was highlighted by White, who couldn’t help but add a dash of irony. “Jake Paul did fight a kid his age, and he lost,” White said, alluding to Paul’s loss against a modern-day opponent. He highlighted the ridiculousness of such pairings and went on to mock the rumor that Paul may play nonagenarian star Clint Eastwood next.

Although Paul’s boxing career has attracted notice, not all of his opponents in recent times have been well-known figures. White saw this pattern, especially in Paul’s previous two matches against less well-known opponents Ryan Bourland and Andre August. Paul will face a true sporting great in Tyson, therefore the forthcoming fight seems to be a break from this tendency.

White’s critique, however, goes beyond the game itself. He feels that Paul has to compete against opponents who can draw pay-per-view purchases in order to really improve his reputation and pull in a larger audience. White said perceptively, “Jake wants to make money. That’s what he wants.” “The people that follow Jake Paul don’t buy Jake Paul’s fights, so Jake Paul has to fight people who can actually sell pay-per-views.”

Essentially, White is in favor of matches that not only highlight Paul’s abilities but also pique the interest of the general audience. The presence of a boxing legend such as Tyson certainly heightens the suspense, but White contends that Paul needs to keep up his tough competition in order to maintain his standing in the industry and the attention of supporters.

The fight between Paul and Tyson continues to split views throughout the boxing fraternity as July 20th approaches. While some believe there will be a historical show, others, like Dana White, are not so sure. They want fights that go beyond show and really put the fighters’ skills to the test. Whether Paul’s unusual ring career is a one-time incident or a path to greatness remains to be seen.

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