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“County Lines Crackdown: 12 Arrests Made, Two Phone Lines Shut Down”

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Norfolk Police shut down two phone lines and arrested twelve people in a targeted operation as part of their determined response to drug-related criminal activities.

Significant amounts of drugs have been seized in raids carried out in Norwich, Thetford, King’s Lynn, and Great Yarmouth; also, cash and firearms have been found. Additionally, measures have been taken to protect people who are at risk of being taken advantage of.

The county lines lead for Norfolk Police, Inspector Jo Minnis, stressed the continuing nature of this vital job. “It is important to note this work never stops,” she said. “We have been to a number of residences where the residents have either been or may be victims of cuckooing—the practice of using the homes of vulnerable persons as a base for criminal activity. We still stand with people who are impacted by drug use and addiction.”

The term “county lines” refers to the creation of ordering lines for cell phones by organized crime groups in order to facilitate the sale of drugs, usually from larger cities to smaller towns and rural areas. Drug distribution hubs frequently experience an increase in violent crimes and crimes involving weapons as a result of this illegal activity.

Norfolk Police shut down 74 class A drug lines in the area between 2019 and 2023. As part of a nationwide operation, the force detained people suspected of possessing drugs with the aim to distribute them, as well as those engaged in the distribution of class A and class B drugs, during the most recent enforcement week.

Crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, magic mushrooms, and MDMA were among the substances used during the seizures, along with tools including knives, a hammer, and a knuckle duster. Furthermore, an attempt was made to work with taxi drivers in order to raise awareness of suspicious activity and make reporting easier, since drug dealers occasionally use cabs as a means of transportation within the county.

The proactive actions taken by Norfolk Police demonstrate their dedication to preventing drug-related crimes and protecting local communities from the negative impacts of drug exploitation and abuse.

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