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Caregivers Face a “Avalanche of Stress” Due to DWP Benefit Clawbacks.

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Caregivers throughout the United Kingdom are reeling from what they characterize as a “avalanche of utter stress” brought on by benefit reductions from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The government’s approach has caused criticism as official numbers reflect the prevalent bad health among people taking care of loved ones.

Tens of thousands of unpaid caregivers are being prosecuted for what they refer to as “honest mistakes” that might have been resolved years earlier, forcing them to refund large sums of money. Due to the disastrous effects of the DWP’s actions, some carers are thinking about taking their own lives.

One woman told the heartbreaking tale of her mother, who, after being compelled to repay two years’ worth of carer’s allowance for an innocent earnings allowance violation, developed extreme depression and started self-harming. Another carer described going through anguish, insomnia, weight loss, and feeling like a “fraudster” after being forced to repay £2,100.

The expectations of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) have an impact on carers and their loved ones’ mental and physical health in addition to their financial pressure. Expert in adult social care Dr. Siobhan O’Dwyer declares the government’s strategy to be “abhorrent,” threatening to push caregivers to contemplate or try suicide.

Startling figures highlight the toll that unpaid caregiving takes, with over half citing a detrimental impact on their health. As a stark warning of the disastrous effects of the DWP’s activities, the mental health of one in five unpaid carers is much worse than that of the general population.

Inquiries have not yet received a response from the DWP, despite growing criticism. A prior statement did, however, emphasize that the caregiver’s allowance has increased since 2010, and it is imperative that claimants notify any changes in a timely manner.

Reform calls are becoming more and more loud as caregivers struggle with extreme stress and uncertainty and plead for empathy and support for those who give their lives to care for others.

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