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Cappagh Battles Thames Water’s Massive “Concreteberg” in West London

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Contractor Cappagh has been sent in by Thames Water to tackle a large “concreteberg” that is blocking the sewers in a section of West London.Thames Water is still investigating whose company dumped concrete into the sewer system after conducting a live inspection.

Because of this blockage, parts of Fulham’s North End Road will be closed for around six weeks as Cappagh’s crew excavates the area and uses special tools to remove the concrete.

The affected sewer sections will be replaced to restore functionality after the concrete has been successfully removed.

When Thames Water first discovered the concrete blockage last summer, regular pump-outs using tankers were necessary to save surrounding houses and businesses from flooding.

Thames Water has stated that it is still looking into the event and will to file a claim to get all of the money spent on mitigation techniques and pipe repairs reimbursed.

Thames Water’s area network manager for North West London, Jamie Keech, voiced his displeasure with the interruption that the “mindless abuse” of the sewage system had brought to customers. He gave his clients the reassurance that measures are being made to quickly and safely repair the road, including working seven days a week with contractors and local authorities.

Keep checking back for more details as this story develops.

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