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Before Manchester City’s crucial matchup against Arsenal, Rodri raises alarms for the team.

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Every game in the high-stakes English Premier League football league matters a great deal, and Manchester City’s next encounter against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday is no different. The master of midfield Rodri has sent a strong message to his colleagues about the possible consequences of losing against Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal club, which is on the rise.

Manchester City, the defending champions, are in a vulnerable position in the fight for the championship. With just nine games left in the season, Arsenal would be four points ahead of Pep Guardiola’s team if they win. Rodri is aware of how serious the situation is and that a defeat would all but guarantee that they do not win the Premier League championship again.

Although Rodri acknowledges the mental lift a victory would bring, he emphasizes the serious repercussions of a loss. The midfield player thinks that in order for City to win the title, they must score at least 90 points, since they are now at 63. As a result, every game—including their forthcoming meeting against Arsenal—bears great significance in their pursuit of greatness.

Rodri says, “It’s a very, very important match.” “It won’t be the deciding factor, but it will be crucial for the mental struggle. It will be crucial for our confidence if we defeat them, and we’ll let them know that we’re back.”

The conflict has more significance than just its immediate ramifications. Rodri emphasizes how tough the Premier League is, and how costly a mistake can be while trying to win trophies. City’s goal is to get between 90 and 100 points, so they can’t afford to lose any games—every match is like the championship.

Rodri’s attitude to the game demonstrates his unshakable devotion to winning. Though he has an amazing record of 60 games without losing, the Spaniard is still more concerned with winning than with just staying out of trouble. For him, winning three points is more important than continuing an undefeated run while chasing championships.

Rodri comments, “I am so proud of it,” in reference to his record. “But my objective is always to win because we’re fighting for titles, and in this league, a draw is almost like a loss due to how high the bar is.”

Rodri’s warning acts as a call to action for his teammates as Manchester City prepares for a crucial match against Arsenal. In a league where mistakes have extremely little margin for error, every game is a chance to establish dominance and reinforce championship credentials. The scene is set for an exciting match, the result of which might have a big impact on how the Premier League championship race develops.

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