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Basma Beauty Launches Products Focused on Social Media at Sephora

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The popular TikTok brand Basma Beauty has made a significant entry into Sephora’s color department with an official launch. The result of the brand’s engagement with its social media fans is “The Cream Blush,” which is currently offered online and at a few Sephora Canada locations.

The founder, Basma Hameed, who was a part of Sephora Accelerate back in 2022, has played a key role in guiding Basma Beauty to this accomplishment. Basma Beauty developed The Cream Blush by utilizing the tremendous success of their Foundation Stick among TikTok influencers and their devoted fanbase.

This creative strategy got its start in July 2022 when Basma Beauty released a video announcing its intention to develop a blush product based on feedback from its fans. The company then sent out samples and aggressively sought for real-time input, allowing their audience to be involved in important choices like formula, names for products, choice of shade, and even advertising tactics.

Unveiled on February 26, the Cream Blush is a multipurpose cream blush and lip tint with a buildable texture enhanced with apricot, avocado, aloe vera, and vitamin E for all-encompassing skin nourishment.

The Cream Blush comes in a compact, square box with a handy sliding cover and a brilliant pink tint. Its array of colors is carefully designed to match different skin tones.

  • Mauve: A pale pink with a chilly tone.
  • Bubble Gum Pink: A shade of chilly pink
  • Cherry Red: A red with warm tones
  • Peach: A peach with warm tones
  • Fuchsia: A fiery pink with warm tones
  • Burnt Orange: A terracotta with warm tones

With this change, Basma Beauty begins a new and exciting chapter in its history as a trailblazing brand that thrives on community participation.

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