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At the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, Maura Healey declares that Massachusetts runs on “DunQueens”.

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In a hilarious turn of events during the yearly St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, former governor Jane Swift, lieutenant governor Kim Driscoll, and governor Maura Healey introduced the idea of “DunQueens” to the state of Massachusetts. The three provided humor to the occasion while sporting tracksuits evoking the Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial with Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Matt Damon, and Jennifer Lopez.

Speaking to the assembly, Healy said, “To Ben, to Matt, to Tom. I’m just letting everyone know. These days, DunQueens power Massachusetts.”

Driscoll played Damon in the sketch with a lighthearted demeanor, joking to Healey that “sometimes it’s hard to be your friend.”

Notwithstanding the lightheartedness, Healy addressed weightier subjects, such as the state’s public transportation system. She joked, “When all else fails, we just pardon everybody. Marijuana pardons for everybody. And then everybody loves us again,” alluding to her recent announcement that she would pardon hundreds of thousands of marijuana convictions.

Outside the venue, however, things were anything but cheerful. Protesters had assembled to oppose Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s administration’s ban on outdoor dining in the North End. Restaurant owners and staff expressed apprehensions, claiming the ban will unjustly harm their summertime revenue streams.

As is customary, politicians used the yearly South Boston St. Patrick’s Day breakfast as a forum to trade barbs and lightheartedly discuss a range of topics.

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