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At the Evraz Steel Mill, a large fire breaks out; the city asks the locals to stay indoors.

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Pueblo can see the massive plumes of dark smoke rising from the Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel facility, which is now experiencing a huge fire.

“This afternoon a fire broke out on the grounds of the EVRAZ Pueblo steel mill,” an Evraz representative stated. The building where the fire is located is mostly utilized for storage and staging. Every employee was safely and promptly evacuated, and they have all been reported missing. The Pueblo Fire Department is still there. We’ll update you with further information when it becomes available.”

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office provided clarification regarding the first reports of evacuations in the 1000–1100 block of Palo Alto Street in the Salt Creek neighborhood. They stated that the area is currently under pre-evacuation notice.

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office, noting that smoke from the fire is traveling north, advised citizens not to phone 9-11 unless active flames are spotted.

The city of Pueblo issued a shelter-in-place advisory for local residents because to concerns about the smoke’s impact on the air quality. “Go or stay inside, please shut your windows and turn off your air conditioner,” the municipality posted on Twitter.

North of Evraz, encompassing Summit Ave. and Opal St., the shelter-in-place advisory stretches east to San Juan St., south to Canal St., and west to Stone Ave. It is advised that residents stay inside until additional instructions are given.

The PCSO reports that due to the Evraz fire, pre-evacuation notices are still in place for residences in the 1000–1100 block of Palo Alto Street in the Salt Creek neighborhood.

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