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ASUS ROG Ally X: A Stunning Mid-Cycle Improvement

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With the ROG Ally, a gadget that skillfully blended mobility with gaming capability, ASUS made a big sensation in the portable gaming industry. Even with a few glitches, such a broken microSD card reader, the original ROG Ally gave players a novel option to play their favorite games while they were on the road. With the release of the ROG Ally X, a mid-cycle upgrade that aims to improve the portable gaming experience even more, ASUS has returned to the market after a year.

Not a Reboot, But a Significant Improvement

Even though the ROG Ally X features a 7-inch 120Hz LCD screen and the same Ryzen Z1 Extreme CPU as its predecessor, ASUS has obviously concentrated on improving almost every other component of the gadget. This strategy is similar to Nintendo’s 2019 mid-cycle upgrade of the Switch, but ASUS appears to have enhanced the new model’s capabilities even further.

Improved Internal Hardware

The Ally X’s battery is one of its most noticeable upgrades. From the 40Wh original battery, ASUS has increased it to an amazing 80Wh, a huge improvement. One of the main complaints of the original model—that it frequently had trouble with battery life during prolonged gaming sessions—is now addressed by this modification.

A significant boost has also been made to storage. The Ally X now uses a full-size 2280 module and has a 1TB M.2 SSD instead of 512GB. Users may now more easily upgrade to even bigger disks if necessary. The faster LPDDR5X 7500 RAM has been upgraded from 16GB to 24GB, resulting in improved multitasking and performance.

A new, 23% smaller yet 24% better airflow fan system has been added by ASUS to keep the device cool during strenuous gaming. With this enhancement, the gadget should continue to operate at peak efficiency without overheating.

Better Ergonomics and Design

Not content to stop at internal improvements, ASUS also enhanced the Ally X’s appearance. The gadget has a sleek, contemporary appearance thanks to its new black finish, and its somewhat thicker form allows for more pronounced grips and an ergonomic button arrangement. This modification improves the Ally X’s comfort level when held for extended periods of time, which is important for a portable gaming device.

A new precise design for the D-Pad addresses issues over the spongy and numb sensation of the prior generation. Additionally, ASUS has employed firmer springs to enhance durability and responsiveness, even though the joysticks still don’t use Hall Effect technology.

Updated Controls and Connectivity

The inclusion of a second USB-C connector that supports Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4 is one of the most intriguing upgrades. Because of this connection, the Ally X may be used as a flexible device that functions as a virtual desktop configuration. It also allows for the usage of an external GPU. With no performance loss, this additional connector enables charging and connection of additional wired items.

For players who felt the old design was overly sensitive, the back paddles have been changed to be smaller and more difficult to mistakenly push. Additionally, adding a third vent to the top increases the cooling system’s effectiveness.

Moving Forward in the Market for Handheld Games

The ROG Ally X now feels like the gadget that many gamers had first dreamed for thanks to these improvements. Just having twice as much battery life as before makes a big impact since it means you can play games for longer stretches of time between charges. The gadget’s increased adaptability due to the second USB-C connector makes it a more sensible option for gamers that want a multipurpose device.

ASUS has an advantage over competitors like the Legion Go, who are still using their first models, thanks to its choice to improve upon its already strong base. The future of gaming handhelds is bright thanks to this quick evolution, which implies that these gadgets will keep getting better quickly.

Cost and Availability

Best Buy will be offering the ROG Ally X for pre-order starting today, with official sales starting in July. At $800, a mere $100 more than the original Ally, the Ally X feels like a good buy for hardcore gamers because of all the enhancements it offers.

The powerful, portable gaming experience promised by the ASUS ROG Ally X is fulfilled. Notable improvements in battery life, storage, memory, design, and connection set it out as a strong competitor in the portable gaming industry. The ROG Ally X is a gadget that is worth giving careful thought to, regardless of whether you’re an avid player or someone who wants to experience top-notch gaming while on the go.

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