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Asia Celebrates the Year of the Dragon on Lunar New Year

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Millions of people celebrated the Lunar New Year with great excitement today, ushering in the Year of the Dragon throughout Asia. Families gathered, celebrations burst forth, and temples hummed with activity as people prayed for good fortune in the coming year.

The Lunar New Year is a highly significant occasion in China, when people celebrate with loved ones and indulge in lavish feasts. Couples are excited about the Year of the Dragon, which is associated with power, strength, and success. Many are hopeful that their newborns will possess dragon-like traits.

The streets of Hong Kong were ablaze with the vivid color red, which stands for good fortune and wealth. Guests feasted on traditional fare including turnip cakes and rice cakes, as children awaited the arrival of lucky red envelopes stuffed with money and blessings.

People from all across Beijing flocked to temple fairs to take in the traditional acts and revel in the joyous mood. As many people filled their hearts with prayers for health and prosperity, incense smoke floated through the air.

Lunar New Year celebrations were observed by Chinese expatriates in South Korea, Vietnam, and other countries outside of China. Worshippers flocked to temples from Myanmar to Malaysia in the hopes of receiving blessings for a prosperous and lucky new year.

Asia is filled with hope and excitement as the Year of the Dragon approaches, signaling a year full of opportunities and promise.

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