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As the convicted killer drags out her case in court, the mother of two killed California boys speaks out, calling her a murderer.

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Two moms from Los Angeles are caught up in a terrible case that has shook California and put them on opposing sides of a very sensitive criminal justice system. One is Nancy Iskander, a bereaved mother who perished in a horrific vehicle accident along with her two small boys. The other is rich socialite Rebecca Grossman, who was founAd guilty of the boys’ deaths and is currently battling to get her conviction overturned.

A Distressing Death

Nancy Iskander and her four boys were crossing a roadway in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Westlake Village on a tragic evening in 2020. Mark Iskander, 11, and his brother Jacob, 8, were struck by a Mercedes-Benz SUV driven by Rebecca Grossman that was traveling at a high pace. Nancy was able to save her youngest son, Zachary, from harm’s path, but her two older boys lost their lives in the awful catastrophe.

Nancy told Fox News Digital, “We will not stop speaking out until we see justice served and she is held accountable for the murder of two little boys.” “Those may be the children of anyone. Not just my guys, either. These lads, ages eight and eleven, are only defenseless pedestrians.”

A Nightmare and Court Case

When the collision occurred, 60-year-old Rebecca Grossman’s system contained both alcohol and prescription medicines. According to reports, she and her boyfriend, former MLB pitcher Scott Erickson, were driving at over 70 mph as they raced home from a restaurant. Even though she was wed to renowned Los Angeles physician Dr. Peter Grossman, her careless acts caused the tragic deaths of the Iskander brothers.

Grossman was found guilty in February of hit-and-run resulting in death, vehicular manslaughter, and second-degree murder. But Grossman hasn’t apologized yet, and the sentence has been postponed. Rather, to the annoyance and suffering of the Iskander family, she has persistently tried to influence the legal system.

Manipulations and Delays in the Courtroom

Nancy Iskander has maintained throughout the legal process that Grossman is employing a number of strategies to postpone justice. Grossman challenged her accusations to the state Supreme Court prior to her trial. She was also charged with trying to influence the jury in March. Using phone conversation transcripts from the jailhouse, Deputy District Attorneys Ryan Gould and Jamie Castro claimed Grossman had broken a gag order by talking about attempts to sway the court and meddle with witnesses.

“It feels so unfair not only to lose the kids but also to find yourself in the middle of a fight with a person who wants to hurt you as much as possible,” Iskander stated.

Grossman’s hiring of defense lawyer James Spertus to handle her post-conviction proceedings has added to the family’s grief. The judge’s buddy Spertus is also defending Diana Teran, the disgraced former deputy district attorney, on unrelated felonies. The Iskander family feels that Grossman is manipulating the system with extra “games” because of their closeness.

Public Disapproval and Prosecutorial Difficulties

The primary prosecutors were first withdrawn from the case by the Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon’s office in a contentious decision that drew strong criticism from the public. The move, according to Nancy Iskander, was “heart-wrenching” and another instance of how she was duped by Grossman. Thankfully, the ruling was overturned, and Gould and Castro were put back in, although with a new order of command to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Iskander expressed her appreciation and relief, saying she thought the prosecutors would keep going after her boys’ rights. Over time, they grew to know Mark and Jacob. We’ve been dating for four years now. It makes no sense to provide it to someone who has never worked on it before,” the woman remarked.

Awaiting Judgment in Full

As part of her request for a fresh trial, Grossman is expected back in court on Friday. Due to her conviction, she might spend up to 34 years in jail. Spertus, her attorney, is requesting a new trial on grounds of claimed wrongdoing by the prosecution, while the prosecution wants him removed from the defense for possible conflicts of interest.

Nancy Iskander wants to put the legal dispute behind her, but she needs closure. Following the passing of her boys, she and her spouse have dedicated their lives to charitable work, establishing a foster care organization and an orphanage. Additionally, they collect funds for the Mark and Jacob Iskander Foundation, which provides scholarships to local youngsters.

“Two children were slain by someone. They did not act improperly. Iskander declared, “She is a murderer.” “This ought to be a simple procedure, right? And by the way, it needs to be an easy procedure for society.”

The Iskander family isn’t giving up on getting justice for Mark and Jacob during the ongoing court procedures; they have faith that the judicial system will ultimately provide the closure and accountability they so sorely need.

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