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April’s Total Solar Eclipse is a Natural Teaching Opportunity for Schools

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Schools in the path of totality are preparing for an unparalleled educational experience ahead of April’s complete solar eclipse. Teachers are taking advantage of the chance to involve kids in science, literacy, and cultural discovery from Cleveland to Portville, New York.

Seventh-graders like Henry Cohen at Cleveland’s Riverside School are excitedly embracing the significance of the eclipse. Henry represents the enthusiasm of his friends as they dance to the song “Here Comes the Sun” and participate in eclipse-related activities. Henry is wearing a space-themed shirt.

Meanwhile, the entire school system in Portville, New York, is organizing a special trip to see the eclipse up close. Superintendent Thomas Simon highlights the value of witnessing such natural beauties to foster awe and appreciation for the planet, despite practical difficulties.

In an effort to pique kids’ interest and foster a love of science, teachers Anita Orozco and Katherine Roberts of the Lamplighter School in Dallas are planning an outdoor viewing.

Professor Noemi Waight of the University at Buffalo encourages educators to include cultural components in their lessons, emphasizing the need of knowing how various civilizations view eclipses.

In addition, the SUNY Brockport STEM Friends Club is working with fourth-grade kids to encourage a love of STEM subjects by highlighting the variety of career options in science and technology.

Teacher Christopher Albrecht of Hill Elementary School in Brockport views the eclipse as an opportunity to include literacy into classes with the goal of using books to spark children’ curiosity and imagination.

In addition to teaching students about the physics underlying eclipses, educators are fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity that reaches beyond the classroom as they get ready for April’s celestial display. As students throughout begin this educational trip beneath the eclipse, stay tuned for more information.

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