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Approved: Wisconsin Engineering Building Funding

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A number of bipartisan initiatives, including one that provides state funds for a new College of Engineering building, were signed into law by Governor Tony Evers today, which is a big step forward for Wisconsin’s infrastructure and higher education.

The law highlights a commitment to address essential workforce needs and stimulate innovation. It is the result of a collaborative effort between legislative bodies and University of Wisconsin leadership.

UW-Madison Chancellor Jennifer L. Mnookin thanked both parties for their support, highlighting the value of funding higher education and its contribution to the growth of the state’s economy. With $197 million from the state and the remaining $397 million from private donations, the state-funded $397 million engineering complex is ready to handle more students and support research.

A deliberate attempt to improve educational possibilities and foster talent development in Wisconsin is evident in the recent legislative acts as well as the restoration of financing for important academic subjects. In addition to fostering innovation and growth across a range of fields, UW-Madison seeks to draw and hold the state’s most talented students through programs like Guaranteed Admissions and targeted budget allocations.

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