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Anker’s 5,000mAh MagSafe Power Bank is a great deal for those who enjoy charging, priced at $35.

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It might be difficult to locate dependable charging options that balance efficiency and comfort in the ever changing world of technology. But Anker, a well-known brand in the charging accessory industry, never ceases to wow with its cutting-edge products. One of its best-selling items right now, the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery, is causing a stir thanks to a significant discount, luring both smartphone users and tech aficionados.

The Anker 622 Magnetic Battery, popularly known as MagGo, is now available for a limited period of time for a tempting $35, a substantial discount from its regular $70 price tag. This tempting deal is available at a few different stores as well as online at Anker, where astute customers may enter an on-page promo code to receive the discount.

Anker’s 622 Magnetic Battery is a unique charging partner designed for today’s smartphone owners, particularly those with newer iPhone models. This stylish power bank, which is compatible with Apple’s MagSafe standard, fits neatly on the back of compatible iPhones to provide hassle-free charging without bulky cords.

With a 5,000mAh (19.25Wh) battery capacity, the Anker 622 provides dependable power backup while on the go, providing consumers who depend heavily on their smartphones throughout the day with a sense of confidence. With a maximum power output of 7.5W, it might not be able to charge devices as quickly, but its small size and light weight make it a perfect pocket-friendly item to keep your smartphone charged while you’re not near traditional charging outlets.

In addition, the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery has a folding kickstand for extra versatility, making it a convenient charging stand. Its side-mounted USB-C connector enables pass-through charging, which makes it a useful option for people who need to multitask by allowing them to charge the power bank and power their smartphone at the same time.

The Anker 622 is still a strong option even with the introduction of newer wireless power banks that enable quicker charging standards, especially at its reduced price. Even while more recent versions could have faster charging times, the Anker 622’s value proposition becomes clear when compared to its more expensive siblings.

Discounts on other charging accessories are available to Anker enthusiasts in addition to the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery. For $40, the Anker 525 Charging Station is a reasonably priced alternative for anyone looking for a multipurpose desktop charger. It is a useful addition to any workstation or home arrangement, offering plenty of charging capability for a range of devices with its various USB-C connections, USB-A ports, and AC outlets.

Moreover, the Lightning-based Anker 621 Power Bank, which offers a small and portable charging solution with emergency charging capabilities, is discounted to $20 for customers with older iPhone models.

With Anker’s selection of affordable charging accessories, which includes the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery, tech aficionados can affordably stock up on dependable and effective charging options. Anker’s affordable options cover a broad range of charging requirements, so your devices are always fueled up when and wherever you need them. Whether you’re in need of a pocket-sized power bank or a flexible desktop charger.

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