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Analysts warn of a further decline in Tesla, the worst-performing stock in the S&P 500, and a bleak future.

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The formerly admired behemoth of the car industry, Tesla, is currently in the eye of a storm after its stock fell to become the poorest performance in the S&P 500 index this year. Echoing a chorus of worries, analysts anticipate that the pioneer of electric vehicles will continue to decline, citing a host of difficulties that include intense competition and safety concerns.

The story of Tesla’s downfall is widely known, as the firm struggles with a number of issues such as market saturation, manufacturing difficulties, and safety concerns. But an even more dire prediction for Tesla’s future has been made by Wells Fargo analyst Colin Langan, who claimed in a recent research that the business is effectively a “growth company with no growth.”

According to Langan’s dire predictions, Tesla will expand slowly this year and then start to decrease in 2025 as the competition grows fiercer, delivery deadlines are missed, and the firm has to lower prices to survive. UBS, which lowered its prediction for Tesla due to growing worries about the decline in the market for electric cars and the escalating rivalry from Chinese rivals, agreed with this assessment.

Comparing itself to the other tech firms in the so-called Magnificent Seven, which had strong profits growth, Tesla revealed a startling 40% drop in profit from the prior year. This decline coincides with a perfect storm for the firm, as the market for electric vehicles gets more competitive at a time when investors are questioning Tesla’s fundamentals.

This perfect storm has had disastrous effects for Tesla’s stock, which has lost around 60% of its value since hitting an all-time high in 2021. Analysts warn that Tesla’s stock is still overpriced in relation to its earnings and profits despite this notable decrease. According to Langan, Tesla’s explosive ascent is over, and more drops are probably in the horizon.

Both Wells Fargo and UBS have lowered their price estimates for Tesla. Wells Fargo cut its objective to $125, which represents a 25% expected value decline, while UBS took a more cautious approach and lowered its target to $165.

Tesla, once a shining example of innovation in the automotive sector, is facing an unclear future as it struggles with its sharp drop. To regain its position as a leader in the electric car industry, Tesla will need to forge new paths in the face of growing competition and diminishing growth possibilities. Nevertheless, the path ahead for Tesla seems difficult, with experts warning of potential drops.

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