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Amid rumors of Helmut Marko’s suspension, Max Verstappen threatens Red Bull’s departure.

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In an unexpected change of events, Max Verstappen has threatened Red Bull Racing with his resignation if Helmut Marko is suspended. This new information deepens the existing drama surrounding the most dominant team in Formula 1.

There have been rumors circulating that Red Bull Racing is considering suspending Helmut Marko, their longtime racing advisor, while they look into new allegations of media leaks. A few of the purported WhatsApp conversations between team principal Christian Horner and a female coworker that contained sexually provocative information were leaked.

The BBC has sources stating that the team is thinking about suspending Marko, an 80-year-old who is very close to Max Verstappen and his father Jos. Verstappen didn’t take long to explain the possible consequences of Marko’s leaving, having just secured pole position in Saudi Arabia.

Verstappen expressed his feelings clearly, saying, “I have told the team that it is not good for my situation if such an important pillar falls away.” The three-time world champion from the Netherlands underlined Marko’s critical position in his future decision-making process, emphasizing his devotion and regard for the seasoned counsel.

During an open interview with Austrian broadcaster ORF, Marko talked about the rumors that were circulating about his possible suspension and alluded to the complexity of the matter. He acknowledged that he wasn’t sure whether he would be at the next race in Australia, which highlighted the team’s necessity to stick together over the demanding 24-race season.

The strain inside Red Bull Racing is heightened by the most recent events, especially in light of the suspension of the female employee who accused Horner of acting inappropriately. Internal investigations have cleared Horner of any misconduct, but the division among the club remains, compounded by ownership dynamics and familial relationships.

Internal strife threatens to overshadow Red Bull Racing’s triumph on the racetrack as Verstappen gets ready to lead the team from pole position in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. With Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in second place and teammate Sergio Perez in third, the title fight heats up amid off-track controversy.

The division between Marko and the Verstappens and Horner and majority owner Chaleo Yoovidhya within Red Bull Racing highlights the difficulties in maintaining success in the extremely competitive Formula 1 industry. The team’s goal is still to be cohesive and focused throughout this difficult time as they prepare for the grueling championship campaign that lies ahead.

The mystery surrounding Red Bull Racing’s internal dynamics is heightened by Max Verstappen’s threat to leave the team if Helmut Marko is suspended. The off-track issue poses a danger to Red Bull Racing’s pursuit of sustained dominance in Formula 1, just as the title race heats up on the track.

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