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America Identified as Factory Farming Nation

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The 2022 Agriculture Census has presented a thorough overview, indicating that the United States of America is mostly a factory agricultural nation. Industrial factory farms are growing despite a record number of farms closing, which exacerbates environmental problems and widens inequalities within the agricultural industry.

Important conclusions from the census include:

  • a notable 7% drop in the number of farms during the previous five years, with Black and small-scale farmers suffering the most.
  • Despite making up only 4% of all farms, large farms in the US own two thirds of all agricultural acreage, suggesting a trend toward industry consolidation.
  • The previous discriminatory actions of the USDA have resulted in a setback of 8% in the number of Black farmers.
  • Although the number of farmers from Hawaii and the Pacific Islands has increased, conservation efforts have decreased, especially on smaller farms.
  • The Covid-era relief measures are mostly to blame for the 17% increase in government subsidies, but the allocation still benefits larger and wealthier farmers.
  • The overall number of animals remains steady despite a decline in the number of dairy, hog, and beef cattle farms, suggesting a shift towards larger, more concentrated operations.
  • With billions of pounds of manure produced annually, factory farming practices contribute significantly to environmental damages such as pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The census underscores the pressing need for governmental interventions to address the injustices and environmental effects linked to factory farming in the United States as the country’s agricultural landscape continues to change.

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