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Ahead of the boat race, Oxford Rowing Coach complains about Thames pollution.

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Sean Bowden, the rowing coach at the University of Oxford, has made the shocking discovery that the pollution in the River Thames is a “national disgrace.” There are now major worries about the health risks to competitors in the Boat Race due to high amounts of E coli that have been found along the course.

In an unprecedented move, the organizers have advised rowers to cover any exposed wounds and stay out of the water. This action is in response to the finding that E. Coli levels were almost ten times greater than those considered “poor” by the Environmental Agency.

Bowden conveyed his profound apprehension and emphasized the significance of tackling the matter. He emphasized that everyone participating in the Boat Race had a duty to help correct the issue.

But with these health worries, the custom of tossing or springing the victorious cox into the river remains ambiguous. Bowden stayed reticent, saying that a decision would be made eventually.

Notably, Harry Glenister, an Oxford rower, proposed breaking with tradition because of safety and health concerns. It looks like the crew is being careful and is giving official Boat Race advice priority.

It is anticipated that some of the pollution problems will be resolved when London’s new £5 billion super sewer is completed the following year. Bowden praised the work of advocacy groups to raise awareness and emphasized the necessity of a national conversation on the subject.

Thames Water, on the other hand, promised to lessen sewage discharges into the river and blamed the issue on the recent heavy rainfall.

The focus shifts to cooperative efforts to protect the health and safety of Boat Race participants and the larger community as worries about pollution in the Thames grow.

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