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After halving, Bitcoin Cash Rises 10% While Bitcoin Stays Above $66K

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A major news for fans of cryptocurrencies is that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has increased by 10% after its reward halving event was successfully completed. This incident, which resulted in a decrease in block rewards to 3.125 BCH, has elevated BCH to a prominent position in the otherwise quiet market. The increase occurs at a pivotal moment as the cryptocurrency community prepares for the impending halving of Bitcoin (BTC), which is slated for later this month. Even with all of the hype around Bitcoin’s halving, the top cryptocurrency has only moved little. It is currently trading just over $66,300, up 0.3% in the last day.

BCH hit a trading value of $660 in the early hours of Europe, a level not seen since December 2021. Even with this remarkable increase, BCH is still far off its peak of $3,700, which was reached in December 2017. The halving event’s signature decrease in block rewards works to limit the rate at which new currencies are created, which in turn affects the amount of coins that are accessible on the market.

The cryptocurrency world is anticipating with great anticipation the halving of Bitcoin, which is scheduled for April 20. However, historical evidence points to a possible bullish trend for the original cryptocurrency. The 2020 halving event came just before an incredible 1,000% increase that sent Bitcoin to a new high of almost $69,000 just eighteen months later. The market’s increased curiosity and speculation, as seen by the sharp increase in open interest on BCH-tracked futures (which jumped from less than $200 million in March to $700 million), are a result of this historical pattern.

Though there has been some excitement about Bitcoin’s halving and BCH’s noteworthy spike, the larger cryptocurrency market has been rather stable over the last day with little movement in the main tokens. The minor increase in Bitcoin combined with a slight decrease in the CoinDesk 20 index highlights the absence of significant factors influencing market movements at the moment. Tokens with notable increases include Ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and Solana (SOL); tokens with notable losses include Dogecoin (DOGE), Polkadot’s DOT, XRP, and Cardano’s ADA.

Senior market analyst at FxPro Alex Kuptsikevich provided insights into the current dynamics of the market, pointing out the anticipated slowdown in trading activity while investors await macroeconomic triggers. Kuptsikevich emphasized the relationship between the static performance of Bitcoin and outside variables that affect market mood, such changes in the dollar and stock indexes. Kuptsikevich minimized the chances of a long-term reversal and highlighted the endurance of the cryptocurrency sector despite the present consolidation period inside the bull market.

While the cryptocurrency market moves through phases of stability and expectation, traders and investors stay alert, keeping a careful eye on significant events that may influence the direction of virtual assets in the upcoming days and weeks. With the impending halves of Bitcoin and the incredible rise of Bitcoin Cash following the halving, the stage is set for potentially major moves in the cryptocurrency market, highlighting the volatility and continuing appeal of this emerging asset class.

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