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After dead animals were dumped at a Hampshire shop, a Totton man was arrested.

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A troubling development has occurred: authorities have arrested a 37-year-old man from Totton in relation to an incident in which a number of dead animals were left outside a shop in Broughton, Hampshire.

About fifty dead hares, a kestrel, and a barn owl were found scattered outside the Broughton Community Shop on High Street on Friday, March 15, marking the startling find.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Country Watch team swiftly launched an extensive investigation after discovering the concerning discovery, assiduously pursuing numerous leads.

According to a police spokesperson, tests on the kestrel and barn owl revealed evidence that they had both been shot with a firearm, killing them. Notably, Schedule 1 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 protects both species.

Authorities took swift action on Thursday, March 28, detaining the Totton homeowner on suspicion of numerous serious charges, including criminal damage, night poaching, and breaking rules pertaining to guns and wildlife preservation. While law enforcement conducts a comprehensive investigation, the subject stays in detention.

Stuart Ross, a Country Watch Sergeant, stressed the continued attempts to determine the circumstances behind the horrific event. He thanked the neighborhood for their assistance and asked anyone with relevant information to come forward right now.

Any members of the public with information pertinent to this matter are asked to get in touch with Hampshire Constabulary either online or by phone at 101, referencing reference number 44240111410.

Following this troubling incident, the pursuit of justice has advanced significantly with this arrest, and the authorities are unwavering in their resolve to hold individuals accountable for their deeds.

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