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After a boat strikes a fuel supply ship, Singapore scrambles to clean up the oil slick.

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A portion of Singapore’s southern coastline, including the well-known resort island of Sentosa, has been blackened by an oil leak that resulted from a dredger boat striking a moored cargo tanker. As cleanup efforts continue on Sunday, worries for marine life have been raised.

The Singaporean fuel supply ship Marine Honor was damaged by the Netherlands-flagged dredger Vox Maxima on Friday, resulting in damage to the cargo tank and an oil leak into the ocean.

Dispersants were utilized to treat the leaked oil, according to a late Saturday report from Singapore’s Maritime and Port Authority (MPA). However, treated oil has found its way to shorelines, including Sentosa, other southern islands, a nature reserve, and a public beach park, thanks to tidal currents. Sentosa is a popular tourist resort with golf courses, the only Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia, and one of Singapore’s two casinos.

As a result, areas of the nature reserve and public park’s shoreline have been blocked for cleanup. Swimming and other water activities are forbidden, however Sentosa beach is still accessible to the general public.

On Sunday, black water washed up on the oil-stained shore of Sentosa while workmen in orange uniforms were observed cleaning up sand. The beach was deserted.

In an effort to control the oil spill, authorities have deployed 18 boats and roughly 1,500 meters of makeshift floating barriers called containment booms. with the upcoming days, more booms will be buried to stop the oil from spreading and to aid with the recovery process.

Biologists and conservationists are evaluating the degree of harm done to marine life and animals. The local environmental organization Marine Stewards received reports of dead fish, kingfishers, and otters that were covered in oil slicks. The group’s founder, Sue Ye, told the Singapore Straits Times that oil spills had the potential to suffocate marine life, especially creatures like dolphins and turtles that must surface to breathe.

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