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After a $9K bid, a Russian CEO wins autographed Golden Donald Trump sneakers.

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Roman Sharf, the CEO of luxury watch dealer Luxury Bazaar, unexpectedly won the Sneaker Con in Philadelphia and took home an autographed pair of Donald Trump’s new golden sneakers. Sharf bid a whooping $9,000 to acquire the valuable shoes.

Known as the “Never Surrender high-tops,” Trump revealed the sneakers in an unexpected appearance at the function. With a unique American flag detail on the back, these 1000 pairs were produced only, and they sold out in two hours after being released.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Sharf can be seen grinning broadly as he shows off his winning purchase to the audience and says he intends to wear them to a “winning celebration” in November. He also plans to ultimately give the sneakers to his kids.

Sharf, a Philadelphia resident who was born in the Soviet Union, is well-known for being one of the top grey market watch dealers globally, with a substantial yearly sales volume. Getting the signed sneakers gives him even another impressive trophy to add to his collection.

A new chapter for the former president has begun with his entry into the footwear sector. The audience’s response to the shoe line’s launch was not entirely positive. Even in the face of recent legal setbacks, including a sizable financial judgment rendered against him in New York, Trump is optimistic about the outcome of his most recent endeavor.

Following a recent judicial decision that placed limitations on Trump’s commercial dealings, such as a three-year prohibition on occupying senior executive roles inside the Trump Organization, the former president is still navigating legal obstacles while pursuing his economic ventures.

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