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According to former England cricketer Liam Plunkett, T20 World Cup stars are set to ignite a cricket frenzy in the USA.

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At a momentous time for fans of cricket in the United States, the forthcoming T20 World Cup promises to deliver an exciting show that has the ability to completely transform the game in the country. English cricket great Liam Plunkett has stated that he thinks the presence of international stars such as Virat Kohli and Babar Azam will boost cricket’s profile in the United States considerably.

The T20 World Cup, which is set to begin on June 1, is particularly significant since it will be the first major international cricket competition that the United States and the West Indies have jointly hosted. Anticipation is high for the historic match between India and Pakistan, which will take place at a makeshift stadium with 34,000 seats in Long Island, New York. A sold-out audience is anticipated.

Considering the growing interest in tickets, Plunkett jokingly denied any involvement in ticket sales, emphasizing the excitement around the occasion. He emphasized the international prominence of athletes such as Azam and Kohli, comparing them to the likes of famed NBA player LeBron James and highlighting their great allure that knows no boundaries. Plunkett’s claim that, in some demographics, watching India-Pakistan matches draws more people than the NFL Super Bowl highlights cricket’s potential for explosive growth in the US.

After taking part in Major League Cricket’s (MLC) debut season last year, Plunkett saw directly how popular cricket is becoming in the United States. The success of the MLC and the next T20 tournament point to a bright future for cricket’s national growth. Plunkett’s positive outlook is contagious, as he imagines a time when cricket becomes a popular sport in the US, supported by international players and growing domestic leagues.

When Plunkett looked back on England’s cricket journey, he acknowledged the difficulties they had in the most recent 50-over World Cup but was upbeat about their chances in the next Twenty20 World Cup. England has the firepower to swing the tide in their favor since they have a great group of players at their disposal, including the explosive Jos Buttler. Plunkett’s memories of England’s historic World Cup victory in 2019 are proof of the team’s tenacity and promise for more success.

Considering his post-retirement plans, Plunkett’s dedication to developing cricket in the US at the grassroots level highlights his lifelong love of the game. Plunkett personifies the essence of cricket as a driving force behind social integration and athletic achievement by establishing a cricket academy and actively participating in community engagement programs.

Thanks to the charm of international players and the steadfast dedication of cricketing legends such as Liam Plunkett, the T20 World Cup is certain to enthrall viewers and spark an intense cricketing craze in the United States. There has never been a more hopeful time to make cricket a national sport, with the scene set for a momentous occasion in American cricketing history.

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