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A suspected bomb discovered in Plymouth prompts road closures and evacuations.

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Concerning news: a possible bomb has been found in Plymouth’s Keyham neighborhood, prompting extensive evacuations and road closures. An extensive incident response was sparked earlier today when the explosive device was discovered in a garden on St. Michael Avenue.

As the situation develops, authorities have put up a 200-meter barrier around the area and are asking the public to stay away. To deal with the alleged WW2-era bomb, a team from the Royal Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal is on the scene.

There has been a major impact on transportation; bus services in Plymouth have been suspended indefinitely. To account for the closures, Plymouth CityBus has relocated a number of services, including PCB14, PCB33, and PCB112. It is recommended that commuters look for alternate transport options.

As a precaution, those who live in Brunel Terrace, St. Michael Avenue, Moor View, St. Aubyn Avenue, Maristowe, Townsend Avenue, and Parkside have been evacuated from their residences. To ensure public safety, more cordons have been set up along Barton Avenue.

In a statement, Plymouth City Council emphasized that the situation is still underway and that there would likely be consequences for city roads. They advise people to stay away from the impacted area unless it is absolutely necessary.

The Council has set up a helpline at 01752 668000 to offer support and direction to anyone affected by the evacuation who are unable to locate temporary housing with friends or family.

In the wake of this alarming finding, the situation is still fluid as officials attempt to guarantee the safety and well-being of locals and commuters. As things develop, more information will be given.

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