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A study on Batley Grammar School’s handling of demonstrations has been labelled by MP Kim Leadbeater.

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A report on how protests were handled at Batley Grammar School has been described as “deeply disturbing” by MP Kim Leadbeater. The report attacked how the police handled the demonstrations that followed a teacher who had made fun of the Prophet Muhammad in class and gone into hiding. Leadbeater deemed the teacher’s treatment “unacceptable” and firmly believes that demonstrations outside of schools should be prohibited.

The government adviser Dame Sara Khan headed the independent review, which brought attention to the authorities’ refusal to denounce the teacher’s experiences with intimidation and threats. It called attention to a larger societal issue and pushed for actions to stop future occurrences of the same kind

Leadbeater reaffirmed her priority to support the impacted teacher’s wellness, emphasizing that intimidation and threats against teachers are unacceptable. Some parents and locals who voiced worries about false information and its effect on the school’s reputation agreed with the report’s conclusions.

Reiterating their commitment to handling dangerous behavior, West Yorkshire Police and Kirklees Council responded to criticism by promising to look into the suggestions and draw lessons from the event in order to foster tolerance and understanding in the community.

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