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A portion of the Alaska Airlines flight scheduled for maintenance on the same day blows off

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The company said today that Alaska Airlines flight 1282, which had a door plug blowout shortly after takeoff on January 5, was scheduled for maintenance the same evening.

The airline confirmed that the aircraft had displayed indications of possible pressurization problems during the previous ten days, but it did not provide an explanation for the planned maintenance. Two distinct warning lights raised these concerns, which led to the decision to take the plane out of service so that an investigation could be conducted.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) head, Jennifer Homendy, revealed that pressurization issues with the aircraft existed prior to the door plug event. The NTSB later stated, though, that it thought these warnings had nothing to do with the blowout that happened later.

Prior to the incident, Alaska Airlines did not deem the indicator lights serious enough to necessitate the aircraft being immediately grounded, according to Max Tidwell, vice president for safety and security at the carrier.

The aircraft had made 154 successful flights prior to the blowout, despite the postponed maintenance.

According to preliminary NTSB findings, it’s possible that Boeing neglected to include necessary fasteners in the door plug, which led to its separation from the aircraft during flight.

Although it’s unclear if expedited maintenance would have found this problem, Alaska Airlines has banned the aircraft from long-haul flights over water because of the warning lights.

Alaska Airlines responded by highlighting its dedication to safety and pledging complete cooperation with the NTSB’s ongoing inquiry.

In after-hours trading, Alaska Airlines’ stock saw a minor decrease following the disclosure. But the airline has escaped serious investigation for the most part, with Boeing bearing the brunt of the blame.

The American aircraft industry’s maintenance procedures and regulations are under scrutiny in light of this trend.

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