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A passenger passes away in midair after vomiting blood

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A horrific medical incident claimed the life of a 63-year-old passenger on a Lufthansa flight from Thailand to Germany. Witnesses reported seeing scenes of terror and fear as the man—whose name is being withheld—started coughing up “litres of blood” and then passed out.

Shortly after midnight on Thursday, the event happened, just after the airplane left Bangkok for Munich. Evidently ill when he boarded, the man’s condition quickly deteriorated during the journey, according to eyewitnesses.

A fellow traveler named Karin Missfelder reported that the man was showing signs of illness, such as fast breathing and chills, which alarmed other passengers. He continued to lose a lot of blood, and although passengers and crew tried to help him, it became clear how serious his condition was.

Ms. Missfelder described the terrifying experience, noting that as the man’s condition deteriorated, blood splashed all over the aircraft cabin. The man unfortunately died in front of his wife after heroic efforts to save him, including the provision of help for around thirty minutes.

The plane redirected to Bangkok after the captain made a solemn statement to the passengers about the passenger’s passing. Later, the passengers were rescheduled on different planes.

The man’s wife was left to handle customs and paperwork by herself after her husband’s death, which added to the tragic nature of the ordeal.

In the meantime, more research into the unfortunate incident is needed to determine the exact reason of the man’s death.

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