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A man from New York City is accused of falsely claiming to be the owner of a hotel and living rent-free for five years.

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A 48-year-old man has been accused of a number of fraudulent acts involving the renowned New Yorker Hotel in New York City, in an astonishing disclosure. Mickey Barreto was charged today by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Barreto is accused of using legal loopholes to falsely claim ownership of the hotel and living there for five years without paying rent.

Reports state that Barreto started his scam in June 2018 by making a one-night reservation at the New Yorker Hotel. Then he insisted on a lease in accordance with New York’s rent stabilization statute, pointing out a loophole that permits tenants occupying a single room in buildings constructed before 1969 to request a six-month contract. Barreto filed a complaint alleging unjust eviction and was granted access to the room, even though the hotel had previously rejected his offer.

Surprisingly, Barreto allegedly went one step further and uploaded fictitious property paperwork onto the system of the New York City Department of Finance, claiming falsely that a worldwide religious organization had transferred the hotel to him. He also made an effort to evict other renters and sought negotiations to become the hotel’s franchisee.

The prosecution claims that Barreto continued his fraudulent actions in defiance of court orders to stop, submitting more fictitious paperwork in an effort to prove he was the rightful owner of the property.

District Attorney Bragg said, “We will not tolerate manipulation of our city’s property records by those who seek to scam the system for personal gain,” in reaction to these accusations.

Barreto is facing numerous counts, including misdemeanor criminal contempt and submitting a fraudulent document for filing in the first degree. The case serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to maintain the integrity of New York City’s housing rules and protect property rights. Keep checking back for updates on this developing legal drama.

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