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A Decade’s End as Tropicana Following 67 Years, the Las Vegas Casino Closes

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Today is the last day of an epic chapter in the history of Las Vegas, when the landmark Tropicana Las Vegas casino shutters. The Tropicana’s history stretches over more than 60 years and is replete with fabled tales of Hollywood glitz and gangster ties, but its days are numbered.

Soon to be replaced by a $1.5 billion Major League Baseball stadium, the Tropicana—once the Rat Pack’s playground and a representation of classic Vegas luxury—will be destroyed, completing the city’s ongoing transition into a center for sports entertainment.

The Tropicana, the third-oldest casino on the Las Vegas Strip, first opened for business when the population of the city had barely topped 100,000. It has seen numerous expansions and modifications to keep up with the changes as Las Vegas has changed throughout the years.

With appearances in Hollywood productions such as “Diamonds are Forever” and “Viva Las Vegas,” as well as hosting A-list celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Frank Sinatra, the Tropicana solidified its place in popular culture.

But beneath the glitter and glamor, the Tropicana had a history of being associated with organized crime, with gangsters such as Frank Costello casting a shadow over the hotel’s early years. In spite of these negative connotations, the Tropicana flourished as a center of entertainment, hosting popular productions such as the enduring “Folies Bergere,” which starred the renowned showgirl from Las Vegas.

The closing of the Tropicana marks the end of an era and opens the door for future initiatives as Las Vegas continues to reinvent itself. While some lament the passing of a treasured monument, others see it as an essential development of Las Vegas’ always shifting cityscape.

As Las Vegas looks ahead to a future full of new chances and transformations, the Tropicana’s legacy will endure in the memories of those who experienced its peak, with its demolition scheduled for October.

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