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32,500 East Sussex properties will once again have mains water after a pipe burst.

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Following a major pipe burst that left over 30,000 homes without water for three days, East Sussex homeowners are now experiencing some relief as water supplies start to resume to their homes.

In an update on Sunday afternoon, Southern Water said that water was being gradually restored to about 32,500 properties in Hastings and St Leonards-on-the-Sea. To preserve water for vital sectors like the hospital, over 3,500 residents in Hastings’ eastern neighborhood will temporarily lose their water starting on Sunday afternoon. By Monday, supply for these houses should be restored.

Phases of the restoration work are being carried out, with supply going to lower-lying and surrounding communities initially, then further parts as pipe pressure rises. While some regions—particularly those north and east of Hastings—can expect water to resume by the end of Sunday, others might have to wait until Monday morning.

In addition to distributing bottled supplies to more than 6,000 consumers on its priority services roster, Southern Water has set up four bottled water stations. Vulnerable clients have also been given extra consideration.

The burst main’s position in a densely forested area close to the A21, in Keeper’s Wood, presented logistical difficulties for the repair crews. The event greatly affected the typical influx of visitors to the beach resort, coinciding with the Jack in the Green festival and the May Day bike run.

The suspension of the water supply is expected to have a severe effect on Hastings companies, according to local officials.

Southern Water promised to continue helping the impacted clients and offered sincere apology for the inconvenience. When supplies are restored, they warned locals to anticipate brief fluctuations in water quality, such as low pressure and discolored water.

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